About Noble Diamond

Noble Diamond is a specialty wholesale diamond and jewelry manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. Our company was founded over 20 years ago with the sole purpose of providing clients a personable diamond and jewelry buying experience while educating them on the world of jewelry. We pride ourselves on making sure the customer is well informed throughout the buying process so they are comfortable with our team and the product. Noble Diamond is a family run office in Downtown LA and serves customers spread throughout the United States as well as a few select international locations. Our firm was originally founded to provide the best quality products to retail jewelry stores that in turn sell product to the general public; however our latest endeavor is to bring our superior quality and pricing ability directly to you the consumer and thus eliminating the need for a middleman. Unlike most jewelry companies, Noble Diamond is the manufacturer of its own jewelry and obtains its diamonds directly from vetted sources that polish rough diamonds based on the laws of the United Nations and in full adherence with the Kimberly Process. This helps eliminate extra layers and ensures that our team is involved with every step of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing proper oversight and personalized care. We work directly with exclusive clients and make certain we provide them with the best merchandise for themselves and loved ones. With a combined experience of over 50 years, our family business has been providing jewelry stores and retail customers alike an unmatched experience when it comes to purchasing jewelry. We specialize in a face-to-face experience assuring you will be blissful with your diamond and jewelry purchase.


Why Buy From Us?

For generations, consumers were led to believe that the only way to purchase jewelry was through a luxurious and expensive jewelry store with pushy salespeople working on commission. We at Noble Diamond recognize the issues with this method and understand it is outdated with today’s knowledge and technology. Thus, the retail division at Noble Diamond was born in order to help consumers make quality jewelry purchases in a friendly and pressure free environment. The buying experience at Noble is second to none because of our amiable care and attention to the consumer. Not only are you obtaining the best prices on jewelry since we are direct manufacturers and own all of our pieces, but you are being educated on the subtle nuances that determine a diamond or jewelry piece’s price. We eliminate the worry of dishonest jewelers that attempt to swindle unknowing consumers and make sure you are satisfied throughout the process. When dealing with us, you are working directly with the owners of the company as we attempt to eliminate another layer for the consumer to feel more comfortable. We stand by the quality of our product and even work directly with clients to customize pieces exactly to their liking. We welcome any and all inquires so that you can better understand us and the ways in which we work to deliver a superior experience while buying jewelry.